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Audrey C. A. Eccleston
Audrey C. A. Eccleston

Pastor Dr. Audrey Eccleston is the Secretary of the Joint Council of Churches for all Nations (JCCAN) and represents the World Day of Prayer (WDP) on the National Committee for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. She is currently a widow and serves under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Esme Beswick MBE, at Nebaioth Prophetic Church.


Audrey is a retired Science teacher, author of the book Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving, published by iUniverse. You can obtain a copy of her book from Amazon. She is an active member of Churches Together in Stockwell and Brixton as well as Together Croydon Churches (TCC), the virtual Prayer line which started in March 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic broke. Dr Eccleston is involved with the Karoy Foundation Charity that drills water wells in Ghana, West Africa and runs a Breakfast Club at Fairfield Primary School, Manchester, Jamaica, West Indies. On Fridays between 7 pm and 9pm Audrey joins the Reconciler’s Radio Scripture Forum on their Bible-land Cruise from Genesis to Revelation. Audrey was awarded a Doctorate in Theology from the Family of Christ Theological Seminary, Port Charlotte, Florida, in June 2017 and in October 2017 was also awarded a Doctorate in Divinity from JCCAN.  Since her retirement, Audrey started her own business in Health and Nutrition, providing Kangen Water that alkalises, hydrates and restores the body back to its original state. You can change your water and change your life, by visiting her website:


Audrey C A Eccleston BSc MA DTh DD